It’s said that people tend to deal with breakups in one of two ways – either fall into a pit of depression and eat your weight in fast food, before embarking on a revitalised health kick and determination to get absolutely ripped, or indulging in hedonistic, toxic activities that distract you from the pain but ultimately lead you to feeling empty and sad six months down the track.

For local bloke James Radford, he’d be hoping to take the slightly healthier route of sitting in his room, and indulging in Menulog and Jimmy Brings until the worst of it is over.

But unfortunately for him, his lack of responses in the group chat has prompted his mates to stage an intervention, under the guise of taking him out to a very empty bar on a Tuesday night.

All while being obnoxiously chipper, in the hopes they can rouse their mate from his slump.

Of course, the only bar open on a Tuesday night is Betoota Pond’s equivalent of the Pig n’ Whistle, which isn’t exactly the best place to meet someone under the age of 40.

However, this won’t stop Jame’s mates from trying to strong-arm him into having fun – whether he wants to or not.

It’s alleged his mates have already got him to participate in a couple of shots and begrudgingly exchange words with a bleached blonde cougar at the bar.

More to come.


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