As local woman Natalie Stanton makes her way through the CBD and towards her favourite store, she can feel her anxiety rising.

You’d think that a simple shopping spree would be fine even for the self-confessed introvert, but unfortunately for Natalie, her go-to store appears to be comprised entirely of chirpy, teenage employees, who have no doubt been told by their managers that a dogged pursuit is key to securing sales.

Which in Natalie’s case, can either pressure her into buying something that doesn’t suit her or cause her to avoid the store at all costs.

But considering she was in dire need of a wardrobe overhaul, Natalie might just have to face her fear and walk into Universal without so much as a pair of earphones – not that that has deterred employees from pestering her in the past.

“HI, how are we today!? I LOVE your top. Where did you get it?” asks a female employee with incredibly thick lash extensions.

“Can I help you with anything today?”

When Natalie mumbles that she’s just looking, the retail employee appears unperturbed.

“Just letting you knoooow we have a further 25% off sales items.”

“OOOOOooh yes, such a nice skirt, I bought it a few weeks ago, and I LOVE it.”

Though walking through the store was bad enough, it escalated to another level as soon as Natalie entered a changing room.

“How are you going for sizes, lovely?”

“You should try these”, says the employee as she passes through five more pairs of skirts, “let me know how you gooooo.”

“Give us a strut when you’re done!”

More to come.


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