Council administrator Eileen Coulter (26) doesn’t know what to believe anymore after finding herself drumming her fingers to a song she was previously certain that she did not like.

During her morning drive to work, Coulter made the puzzling decision to listen to commercial radio which usually gives listeners a 50% chance of hearing a song by Canadian rapper Drake.

This morning, Coulter found herself not only bopping along to the song by the Toronto native but evensinging along to a few of the words, thus learning that she actually knew a few of them.

“Ooh, I mean, Drake is the grooming one isn’t he? Should be singing along, it is catchy but is it good?” wondered Coulter as she continued to tap her feet.

“I’ve just heard it so many times and I don’t even think I like it but – oh hang on this is the best part!”

Struggling still with her brain’s affection for a song she had never voluntarily listened to, Coulter was forced to pull over and have a big think about her personal taste.

“They’ve been playing this song five times a day on every bloody station, I mean, some people must like it, it’s not bad, I mean it’s fine, I like it but…ah fuck I’m calling my physchologist.”


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