A lucky woman has managed to get an expensive skin treatment for free, after being spotted pashing a random bloke in Betoota Grove’s Irish bar, ‘Finn McDuffs.’

It’s alleged Gwen Hocking and her friends had ventured into the bar late afternoon, where they were quickly surrendered by a group of Irish men, whose compliments and attempts at flirting were barely understood, but appreciated nonetheless.

As one of her friends fended off a very drunk bloke in his late 40s and the other had an in-depth conversation with a husky-voiced woman, Gwen found herself edging towards a handsome lad at the end of the table, who was giving her the eyes.

Shuffling over with a glass of sauv plonk, Gwen had attempted conversation, only to spend half the time asking him to repeat himself – which she couldn’t tell was from him having an accent or being shitfaced.

‘Ey ‘ow are ya, ‘ow’s yooehr night been?”

“I’m ooeht wit sahme friends. What are you drenkin?”

Gwen was reportedly spotted doing tongue hockey with the bloke a mere 45 minutes later but was unfortunately punished for her efforts, as his red stubble managed to break down several layers of her skin, resulting in an angry red rash on her chin.

On the upside, Gwen was able to cancel her microdermabrasion appointment the next day, as she didn’t have any skin left to exfoliate.

More to come.


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