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Brooke Evans has concentrated for the hardest time today, after receiving the Facebook invite to her friends Hen’s night.

Quickly scouring the details, she explained that she is quickly sussing out whether any of her ‘henemies’ will be there.

A ‘henemy’ is usually a mutual friend of the Bride, but also be a former friend or a relative who grinds the gears of the attendee in question.

Tentatively pencilled in for early August, the night is set to take place touring the wineries of Betoota Hills over the course of a day that will likely be anything from socially distant – unless Ashley is there.

Speaking to The Advocate a short time ago, Brooke, a close friend of the Bride-to-be Alison, said she’s very excited for the night, but she needs to see who else will be going.

“I love Ali, and I love our friends from school and even her friends from uni, but they’re a couple of girls who like, I don’t really want to split a magnum with if you know what I mean,” Broke explained.

“And it looks like Ashley is going to be there,” she sighed.

“She’s the most pass-ag colleague of Ali’s, and I haven’t really said it to Ali, but she’s actually kind of a bitch,” explained Brooke, referencing Ash’s tendency to often cling to Ali, usually as a result of a lack of mutual friends during the social interaction’s she’s a part of.

“I don’t know let’s just hope she doesn’t ruin it,” continued Brooke already messaging a smaller offshoot chat regarding the invite list.


More to come.


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