A young Betoota Ponds woman has achieved an incredible feat today.

She has become the first person in the history of the internet age to connect to Fon Wi-Fi.

“Not since man created the wheel has such a significant breakthrough occurred,” explained local Apple Genius Dillon James.

The inspirational achievement occurred a short time ago when the dataless Arts Student was desperately searching for a Wi-Fi network.

“I was just looking through the usual list of random Wi-Fi networks popping up that steal my data whenever I connect, and none were working,” she said.

“So I just chanced my arm and gave Fon a go, and lo and behold it fucking joined.”

The joining comes after 100’s of 1000’s of travellers and data bingers have tried and failed to join the elusive network.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when it worked,” she said.

“Miracles really do happen I guess.”

“Maybe I won’t have to work a bar job for 6 + months before getting a job in the industry.”


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