A formerly awkward teenager has returned back to town after schoolies week with a bit of swag, and a new pair of sunnies, it has been confirmed.

After pulling back into the drive-way of the family home in his dark green 1994 VW Golf, the whole neighbourhood stops for a moment to take in the new man.

The 17-year-old James Cleary is now known as Jimmy… And he says words like ‘lit’ and ‘savage’ in day-to-day conversations.

“Haha, what-up” says Jimmy, as his younger siblings rush to his car to ask questions about his exciting week away away.

“Did you see Damo on the news?” chuckles Jimmy, who also goes by Jimmy C now.

“He was so lit.. He’d had like a six pack in half an hour and then they interviewed him about some guy that got tasered. Haha such a crack up”

Jimmy C’s four younger siblings, who range in age between 4 and 13, have never met Damo before, but want to know more.

His teenage brother Kyle asks the question everyone is waiting for.

“Did you meet a girl?”

“Oooooh” says the crowd of siblings, which is now growing with a few other local neighbourhood kids.

Jimmy C lowers his sunglasses down his nose so that his eyes are just visible.

“Well, haha” he says, while poking his left index finger through a circle made with his right index finger and thumb.

“Lets just say”

“… I can’t say too much around mum”


At time of press Jimmy was seen checking himself out in the kitchen window with a completely popped collar.

More to come.


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