A local dad has this weekend once again been reminded that things have all gotten a little bit too fast for him.

The semi-retired electrician from our humble Betoota Heights district was reminded of the fact over the long weekend, after being criticised for his lack of cosmetic knowledge.

Jumping into the conversation between his wife and two daughters, Grahame Berry decided to inform them that ‘all this botox stuff is bloody crook.’

The off the cuff comment mid conversation about one of his daughter’s former school friends appearing on a reality tv show drew consternation from all, with a mild look of confusion spreading through the group.

“Look at those bloody botox lips,” said Grahame.

“Horrible duck lips, who thinks that the botox stuff looks good?”

With dad once again confusing the dermal filling that goes into people’s lips with the botox injection that keep those pesky wrinkles away, his youngest daughter Shantelle decided to clear up the confusion for the 3rd time this year.

“Dad I think you mean lip filler, it’s different to botox.”

With Grahame uninterested in being corrected on such ‘menial shit’ like this, he just doubled down and dismissed the nugget of information he keeps ignoring.

“I’d never be interested in a woman like that,” said Grahame, who thinks everyone should look at each other through his lens.

“I’m just glad you ladies aren’t putting that stuff in your face,” finished Grahame to a couple of awkward giggles, seemingly also unaware both of his daughters have regular appointments at their local clinic.

More to come.


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