Local dad, Clive Gasnier (55) isn’t fucking around when it comes to his treasured mint slices.

That means, one is enough for you, and it’s none of ya business how many he has because he paid for them and no one even knew they were in the fridge until he brought them out.

That’s because he hides them away. Because he knows that his family will take the piss if they knew he had them stashed behind the week old pot of spag bol sauce.

In suburban Australian culture, a mint slice is a round chocolate biscuit topped with mint flavoured cream and coated in dark chocolate. It is also available in Mandarin, Tia Maria and Coconut flavours. Which are weird concepts and quite frankly sacrilegious.

Like most Australian men over the age of 50, Clive is 100% of the opinion that the greatest confectionary product of all-time in the mint slice biscuit – even more so then the mint slice baked goods.

While choccie bullets and and basically any other form of licorice also rating quite high on the dad list – Clive says it is undeniable that the mint slice is the superior hand-sized dessert, and believes it outperforms all rivals in both the chocolate category and biscuit category.

And that’s why his kids and wife are only getting one each.

Clive’s wife, Brenda, who is admittedly more of a Cherry Ripe type, urged him to stop being so precious, but Clive treats his strict Soviet-style ration distribution system as a matter of principle.

“No” he says.

“One each”.


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