A favourable boyfriend is firming up his position on the Christmas gift list this afternoon, after treating his future Mother-in-law to a luxury birthday present.

Walking up the garden path to a home in Betoota Heights, it’s reported local boyfriend Edward River (28) has come bearing gifts to a birthday dinner.

Knocking on the door with the confidence of a man that’s over-delivered in the gifting department, Edward arrived holding a blooming Lettuce bouquet, wrapped in a charming pink ribbon. 

“Happy Birthday Mrs Erickson,” charmed a rather forward Edward as his girlfriend Amy and Mother-in-law Helen answered the door.

“Here’s a little something I picked up at the farmers market…”

Speaking to family members in attendance at the long table in the backyard gazebo of the Heights home, it’s understood Edward’s big money gifting has not gone unnoticed by members of the extended family.

“Well I had no idea Ed was Mr. Moneybags,” said Uncle Henry, who had sheepishly arrived through the side gate of the party offering little more than a hug for a present.

“Jesus he’s gone all out hasn’t, I left a box of Cadbury Favourites on the kitchen bench, so he’s splashed more cash than I,” admitted Craig, a family friend who arrived at the backyard BBQ with his famous potato bake.

After shaking hands with Amy’s Father, Graham, and fist bumping younger Brother Toby, it’s reported multiple Aunts in attendance made considerable whooping and eyebrow raising, as the $130 bouquet of lettuce leaves were brought into the kitchen.

Filled with a startling collection of leaves, it can be confirmed Edward will be getting an invite to the family Christmas lunch, as Mother Helen reached for the “good vase” from the family crockery cabinet.

“Oooh this one’s a keeper,” cooed Grandma Dorothy.

“Yeah better hold onto him Amy, looks like he’s not short of a quid!” shrilled Aunt Joan.

More to come.


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