Local woman Rochelle Keough is sick of the dating scene.

After several failed dates, ranging from lack of chemistry to clear signs of psychopathy, Rochelle is now experiencing some major Bumble burnout.

But at the age 28, Rochelle had unfortunately fallen victim to the societal expectation that being a single woman in her 30s was a fate worse than death, and felt unnecessarily hurried to find a partner before everything immediately plummeted south – which in her mind, would occur the exact moment she turned 30.

This fear has caused Rochelle to view dating with the same intensity as job hunting, busting out two dates a week until she found ‘the one.’

And though these dates left her with very amusing tales to tell Monday morning, Rochelle had grown exhausted with the effort of it all and fed up with the pressure of blind dating – namely, dodging an unwanted kiss on the first date.

Luckily, with this virus, Rochelle has an easy solution to bat away imploring lips, by quickly putting her mask on as soon as she spies that look in their eyes.

“I get so nervous on first dates”, says Rochelle to our reporter, “I feel like there’s an expectation to kiss.”

“It feels so awful pulling away or saying no.”

“I’m still sussing out if I like them or not.”

Adding that she’s thankful for the pandemic in that respect at least, Rochelle says simply pulling up the mask and sniffling is all it takes to get out of an awkward situation.

“Maybe throw in a cough for good measure too.”

More to come.


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