A local woman has faced criticism from the gay community today when it was revealed that her ink work didn’t contain a single reference to Harry Potter.

Had she been a part of Gen Z, Ellie Tubman [27] may have been able to avoid the ire of her friendship group by using J.K Rowling’s tirades against trans people as an excuse as to why she didn’t have a deathly hallows symbol on either of her elbows.

But considering she was a millennial and was therefore characterised solely by what Harry Potter house she fell into (Ravenclaw), Ellie’s lack of HP symbols has resulted in suspicion from her comrades.

Our reporter speaks to one of her mates, who is now starting to question Ellie’s character.

“I don’t know, it just doesn’t sit right with me”, says Steph.

“I mean, it would make sense if she wasn’t into tattoos but she’s got plenty.”

“If it wasn’t for the inner arm tattoo of some random flowers, I’d be questioning her sexuality altogether.”

When questioning Ellie about the tattoo in person, our reporter learns that Ellie would consider telling people the tiny lightning bolt she has tattooed on her finger is Harry’s scar and not a reference to Percy Jackson, if it got them off her back.

“Honestly, the author of Percy Jackson is a much better ally than J.K Rowling could ever hope to be anyway”, says Ellie.

“He actually makes an effort to include diversity into his series, instead of randomly hinting a character may have been gay a few years later in some woeful, low effort attempt at pandering.”

More to come.


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