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The first Newspoll survey results of 2020 have found that it’s not just the fire-ravaged folks of Cobargo and Nelligen that want Scotty From Marketing to go and get fucked.

Labor is ahead of the coalition for the first time since the federal election and Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s approval rating has plunged, according to the numbers that even Murdoch is struggling to make look flattering.

Labor is in front 51-49 on a two-party-preferred basis in the poll conducted for The Australian, a significant turnaround from the last Newspoll in early December when the coalition led 52-48.

Approval for Mr Morrison tumbled from 45 to 37 per cent, while Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese’s rating leapt from 40 to 46 per cent.

While the 70% of Australian newspapers that are owned by a multi-billion dollar New York-based conservative media dynasty have done their best to repair the Prime Minister’s reputation, the numbers show that the belated $2 billion fire recovery package has failed to regain the confidence of the nation after two months of telling us that the unpaid fireys are enjoying the opportunity to risk their lives on the frontline of climate-change-aided-megafires.

It seems even the Quietest Australians aren’t quite comfortable with a leader that is willing to fly to Hawaii and turn his phone of for 7 days in the middle of a national emergency, as the coalition’s primary vote drops two points to 40 per cent, while Labor’s increases from 33 to 36 per cent since early December.

Scotty From Marketing has reportedly responded to these numbers by asking everyone to remain calm and not panic and to take it down a notch and not jump to conclusions and to be kind to each other and to wait for the India one day tests to start tomorrow at 7pm before they cast judgement over his leadership.


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