After a long week of filing insurance claims, local girl Ali Grabham has officially declared that she’d getting fucking lit tonight.

So far, it seems like the plans are for the girls to have some pres at Lisa’s before heading out for a few cocktails at their local wanky rooftop garden, ‘Tres Bubbles .’

Or so, that was the original idea but Bec is being difficult in the group chat again and reckons they should skip straight to the EDM nightclub because that’s where they’ll be going anyway.

Ali doesn’t really give a shit where they go, as long as she can drink her weight in prosecco and secure a bump to her self esteem by flirting with older men in the smoker’s section.

Plus, now that the weather’s a little warmer, she can finally wear that cute bodycon dress she ordered a few months ago.

Sipping on an old can of pear cider, Ali takes one last look at herself in the mirror before throwing a peace sign at her reflection and heading towards the door.

However just as she’s about to exit, she remembers what happened the last time she went out, and heads to the kitchen for some much-needed sustenance.

According to sources, Ali made the mortal mistake of mixing her drinks on an empty stomach, which had resulted in her vomiting into a bush and sending her friends a series of barely comprehensive voice messages about how much she missed her ex.

Mentally patting herself on the back for being such a responsible adult, Ali sources a packet of Jatz in her kitchen cupboard and shovels a handful of crackers into her mouth before heading out to get absolutely shitfaced.

More to come.


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