The King and Queen of FM radio have today reminded listeners about why they hold their place on the throne.

Hosting the nation’s Opposition Leader on their show this morning, King Kyle and Queen Jackie-O made sure not to let the bloke hoping to be the next Prime Minister have an easy run.

Brushing aside easy home runs about whether the Australian Labor Party needs to look at the behavior of senior people within its party and the different factions, Kyle and Jac decided to go in on the tough stuff.

“Now, all this stuff about the Mean Girls and allegations of bullying within in the party, yawwwwwwwwwwnnnnnn,” said Kyle this morning, before letting out quite a loud fart.

“Awwww Kylleeeeeeee,” said Jackie, with the producers trying to pretend the flatulence was actually pretty funny.

With the leader of the Labor Party awkwardly trying to pretend that he also found the fart funny, Kyle then pushed on with the meat of the interview.

“We wanna cut the shit and get down to the real stuff, you’ve been watching Married At First Sight like the rest of us haven’t you?”

Albanese politely nodded.

“Now, out of all of the chicks who are still on there, we wanna know, who would ya root if ya could,” said Kyle, with Jackie-O bursting into laughter.

With a shellshocked Albo trying to play down the fact that he has a new girlfriend and probably wouldn’t have sex with any reality TV stars on the current season of MAFS, Kyle pushed on.

“Nah come on mate, you are a bloke like the rest of us, if you could get one away with one of this batch who would it be?”

“Come on, don’t be a wet politician, tell us who you’d make wet if ya could,” continued Kyle to the giggles of Jackie O.

“Yeah come on DJ Albo, whose disks would ya spin,” chimed Jackie.

“What about Dom? Makes sense ya know”

The exchange continued on for another few minutes before Albo confirmed he would have to have a think and get back to them.

More to come.


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