The group of activists known as the Just Stop Oil collective have today been left with their head in their hands, after a rather embarrassing blunder.

The anti-fossil fuel protestors have had their brand significantly damaged this afternoon following a significant vandalism mishap.

Desperate to throw orange paint on anything that doesn’t move, the activists have had their latest stunt fall flat after picking the Big Orange in Berri as their target.

Rather than resulting in a defaced icon like the Stonehenge or some painting in a fancy gallery, the stunt has just seen the Big Orange given a fresh coat of paint.

Standing at 15 metres in height, with a diameter of 12 metres, it is the biggest of the “big fruit” in Australia.

That size means that a facelift can be quite expensive for the small rural community of Berri in South Australia.

So, rather than drawing the ire of locals and people on the internet, the protestors have been greeted by an applauding crowd of locals.

“They did an amazing job,” said local Berri man Murray Riverland.

“The poor old Orange has been leaking juice for a while now, so it was really nice of them to come all the way from Brunswick in Victoria to give it a touch up.”

“I’m not really sure why they did, but I guess it just shows that there’s plenty of good still left in the world.”

The protestors where to busy have a meltdown and were unavailableJust Stop Oil Activists Accidentally Give The Big Orange in Berri A Much Needed Recoat for comment at the time of press.

More to come.


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