With Scotty From Marketing trembling in the final lap towards the May 21 election date, the Morrison Government’s close allies in the Australian media are ordering their journalists to go back to the old playbook of attempting to catch out the PM’s opponents with trick questions about highly complicated policies that aren’t easily answered on the spot.

With Morrison’s refusal to outline any plans to fix aged care, the housing affordability crisis, or instate an Indepedent Federal ICAC – there are growing concerns amongst Australia’s billionaire media families that they might have to pay their fair share of taxes this time next year.

And things only got worse for the political class today, after Opposition leader Anthony Albanese was able to successfully answer a gotchya question that was shortballed to him by a 22-year-old journalist who knows he’ll be working as a political staffer in 6 months if he doesn’t make a name for himself on this campaign trail.

However, the reporter was left with a scowl on his face after Albanese managed to answer his question perfectly.

“The 1971 Rabbitohs Grand Final team,” said Albanese as his eyes lit up.

“1 ta 13? Well, Simmsy at the back of course,” began the man who actually loved rugby league before he got into politics, and was influential in getting his childhood club re-instated to the NRL.

“Saity and Branighan on the wings, before Big Ray put the Ray in Betrayal and went to Manly”

“Actually no, that was the semi, they moved Sait into the Centres for the GF.”

“It was Keith Edwards on the wing”

“Jesus, that try he scored too. Alex Johnston would be happy with that one. I mean, you gotta remember the jerseys were so baggy back then”

“Anyway, I’m getting distracted. So it was, Honan and Sait in the centres. Pittard and Grant were the halves.”

“Bloody, um, Ron Coote was the number 8,” he said, before continuing to roll through and name the starting team, and in turn boring the shit out of the media scrum who think rugby league is a hideous game reserved for neckless heathens and inbred bikie prospects.

The opposition leader then named all of the remaining players with a few tidbits about their backstories and playing styles, before the disappointed journalists disapated.

It is not expected that any journalists on the campaign trail will ask Scott Morrison a similarly difficult question about the Cronulla Sharks, because they’ve only ever won 1 Premiership in 2016 – and everyone knows who wouldn’t know who Andrew Fifita was if he trampled over him in pokie room at Northies.


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