A recent report by the two Islander mates in the friendship circle has found that stories their white mates have been telling about corporal punishment are rather lightweight.

It is not yet known if Korbyn (24) and Jordan (25) are now exaggerating their stories to rattle the palagis – but one thing that is for certain is that they got a bit more than the wooden spoon.

“The jug cord was heavy” says Korbyn, as he reminisces on the many hidings he received at the hands of his old man and a number of uncles.

“The jandal, bro” says Jordan.

“Hard” says Korbyn.

However, like any forms of parental disciplinary tactics, these two gentlemen can also appreciate that there is always a moment when you arse becomes too muscly and something breaks on it.

“Wooden spoon is nothing” says Jordan.

“That breaks first. I broke a rolling pin at 13”

“The hiding you get when it breaks is the worst, but it’s the last”

Unfortunately, while their respective childhood hidings are behind them, the fact remains that both of their dads could still have them – which is quite a claims considering both men would weigh over 120 kilograms and still play grade football.

“Bullshit” says their particularly white mate, Keegan.

“You mean to tell me your parents would smack you?”

“Golly gosh!”


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