A French Quarter creative has today revealed to The Advocate that she has had an absolute gutful of this election campaign.

Despite spending 25% of her working day on Twitter and avoiding news platform paywalls, Alisha Rich-Wyhtgal says she can’t believe the standard of journalism in this day and age.

“It’s just gotcha questions and gutter journalism,” continued the young woman who doesn’t pay for any news, despite having 7 different streaming platform subscriptions.

“Honestly, there’s so few journalists holding our politicians to account.”

This comes after a particularly feral election campaign, with a shrinking number of journalists tasked with trying to balance fair news coverage with the commercial realities of the media landscape and having billionaire bosses who demand certain narratives be driven.

The increasingly youthful (cheap) press pack has seen the political debate disintegrate into a smorgasbord of bite-sized moments that do next to nothing to advocate for an improvement to the lives of the constituents our politicians are paid to represent.

However, given the narrowing of media publications in the market as a result of a lack of appetite for quality news and rampant underfunding of the industry that everyone has taken for granted, it is hardly a surprise that the quality of journalism may have regressed a little.

With our politicians now hamstrung by the need to have the arbiters of a flexible truth now onside, there may be no end in sight, something which makes Rich Wyhtgal want to send out some furious tweets.

“It makes me so mad. I don’t know how these journalists can live with themselves,” says Alicia, as she opens another incognito safari window to consume news content for free.

“It’s like they don’t even care anymore.”

“Oh, I got a retweet from (some 6th tier celebrity we’d never heard of).”

More to come.


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