The NSW Premier has found herself doing a bit of reminiscing today

After a week of explosive revelations with ICAC questioning her judgment over a secret relationship with disgraced MP Daryl Maguire, the Premier has been on the front foot to repair her public image.

Gladys Berejiklian described revelations of her secret relationship with a fellow parliamentarian as “humiliating and embarrassing” – before taking part in interviews that could only amplify these feelings.

The Premier spoke with Sunday Telegraph gossip columnist Annette Sharp, talkback radio’s Ben Fordham and FM radio duo Kyle and Jackie O, where she was quick to point out how uncomfortable she felt answering the predictably uncomfortable questions.

On top of the media hysteria, the NSW Premier’s personal life has only gotten more chaotic. As was reported throughout the week, Berejiklian has briefly dyed her hair blonde, maxed out her credit card on activewear, joined F45, begun dating a Bra Boy, and suspended NSW Parliament on Friday afternoon just in time for Wine O’Clock.

With her ex-lover now increasingly likely to spend time behind bars for some of the most brazen political corruption seen in New South Wales since Obeid, Hot Mess Gladys has taken to social media to revisit better times.

According to the kids, ‘Hot mess’ is a term used to describe a particularly disorganised woman who often finds herself in the most chaotic situations. A person described as a hot mess is attractive but just barely keeping it together.

And like most Hot Messes, the NSW Premier has found comfort in looking back at photos of her last big overseas holiday.

Posting on her official NSW Premier Instagram account today, Hot Mess Gladys has uploaded a ‘Take.Me.Back’ photo of her in Positano back in 2018.

“Better times…” the caption began.

“Two weeks exploring the cliffside villages on Italy’s Southern Amalfi Coast. Eating my bodyweight in pasta and drinking Aperol like a fish Take.Me.Back”

Like most of her PR strategy over the last week, The NSW Premier’s most newest post has resonated greatly with female voters aged 15-60 – with thousands of millennial TikTok users announcing that Gladys Berejiklian is their “Spirit Animal”.

At time of press, we are just hours away from her Deputy Premier John Barilaro’s appearance on the stand at ICAC. NSW Residents are being told to brace for a further barrage of Hot Mess Gladys photos to take the spotlight off whatever else is about to unearthed by the corruption commission.



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