With the AFL season just around the corner, it seems like the Herald Sun is flat out right now.

This comes after the Melbourne-based publication apparently missed the Neo-Nazi attack in Docklands yesterday, and another one in Perth a few days ago.

That’s despite the Murdoch newspaper’s consistent commitment to trying to stir up racial division in the community, by publishing content that deliberately inflames their readership.

The attack in Melbourne yesterday was perpetrated by the leader of a neo-Nazi group, who aimed racial slurs at a Channel 9 security guard before punching him and proceeding to assault him on the ground.

The neo-Nazi leader reportedly attacked the security guard, who is black, after demanding to see staff inside the building who were about to broadcast a segment about his organisation.

The most recent attack follows a Perth man being accused of attacking a woman with a makeshift flamethrower during a racist attack while he was allegedly wearing neo-Nazi insignia.

While many are concerned about the rise in hate crimes perpetrated by far-right extremists, the Herald Sun has yet to cover either of the violent stories, in news or op-ed form.

That’s because they are seemingly of the opinion that some African kids playing soccer down at the beach is a far bigger threat to our society.

It’s not known if Andrew Bolt will try and spin the Melbourne security guard attack into some far-fetched vigilante kind of incident, or if his bosses will continue to pretend the event never happened because it isn’t the palatable boomer-bait content they are used to.

More to come.


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