The Greens have today made a concerted effort to hold firm on a major issue.

After months of going back and forth over the lack of action from decades of federal governments on housing, the Greens and Labor are still firing shots form the trenches.

The current government is maintaining that their $10 billion dollar gambling fund for the stock market will somehow solve the crisis, which is seeing countless Australians living in tents, caravans and the couches of friends and family.

The government says they will invest up to $500 million a year of profits from their gambling fund (assuming it makes profits), as if they were elected to play the stock market and then make decisions according to how that goes.

Since confirming they’ll block the bill, the Greens have compromised, lowering their call for $5 billion a year worth of investment to $2.5 billion a year.

The Greens have also completely given up on calls to scrap capital gains tax concessions and negative gearing for property investors which costs the government 10s of billions of dollars a year – because that is apparently too earth shattering an idea.

Despite that compromise, pressure has grown on the Greens to just pass the Labor party’s bill (which doesn’t actually guarantee a cent) for public and affordable housing.

However, while many in the media class who aren’t affected by the housing crisis have simply called for the Greens to just pass this bill and stop carrying on – Greens leader Adam Bandt says this isn’t over until the plus sized she/her sings.

“That dated phrase needs to be updated,” said Bandt.

“I’m not even going to utter that aged old one that fat shames and places people of a certain gender in a Victorian era box.”

“Don’t get me started,” Bandt then said, getting distracted from housing and spiralling down a rabbit hole on updating the English language.

More to come.


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