The arguably made-up anti-hazard-reduction policies of the Australian Greens are this week being blamed for the fact that Western Sydney experienced the hottest day ever on record over the weekend.

Temperatures across Australia’s south east have soared over the weekend as parts of NSW came close to 50 degrees. Penrith, in Sydney’s west, hit a record-breaking 48.9 degrees just before 4pm according to the Bureau of Meteorology, making it the hottest day on record for the area.

It breaks the previous record of 47.3, set in January, 2018. Then, that was the hottest the suburb had reached since 1939, back when we were literally measuring the temperature with Giuseppe Biancani’s tube thermoscope.

In a leap of logic, this catastrophic heatwave has been blamed on the Greens, who have apparently aided the sun in being hot, by apparently opposing the LNP’s well-documented push to adhere to Aboriginal land management practices.

That’s according to the conservative commentators on 2GB, 3AW and Sky News, and the Herald Sun, and the Daily Telegraph, and The Australian, and the Courier Mail and the 70% of the nation’s media which also happens to be owned by Rupert Murdoch who has made it clear over the past couple decades that he is not a fan of renewable energy and will do all he can to oust any Prime Minister that proposes any policies that might upset Gina or Adani.

According to this narrative, now being peddled in the sewers of Facebook memes and talkback air-waves, the left-wing political heavyweights in the Greens, who won 1 federal seat in inner city Melbourne at the last election, are being accused of wielding their power over the National-Party dominated rural councils across the Eastern Seaboard.

“The Greenieys (sic) are the reason these fires are happening . The y stopped all the back burning” says one local dirtbike, by the name of Shayne.

Another SS Commodore with an ‘It’s OK to Vote No’ filter from 2017 agrees with this theory.

“This has nothing to do wit (sic) climate changeing – the greens caused this and now they are hiring arsonists to light it along a certain parcel of land down the entire east coast of Australia to make way for a Elon Musk-funded speed rail project!!!”

This comes after the born-to-rule classes were given a good three months to reckon with the fact that the twenty years they have spent bending over for thermal coal mining lobbyists and ignoring the advice of distressed scientists may be the reason why close to ten thousand Australians no longer have a home to live in.

Nearly 30 people have died in this year’s bushfire season with close to 3000 homes destroyed, belonging mostly to elderly rural pensioners and young families.

In NSW, there are 136 fires still burning, with more than 69 uncontained, including a massive blaze southwest of Eden on the far south coast, which has torn across more than 140,000 hectares.

Fresh back from his undeclared and secret resort holiday to Hawaii, Prime Minister Morrison has urged the Greens to apologise for their reckless policies that have caused these bushfires, heatwaves, and imminent war with Iran.


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