A local joker has brought the nearly finished house he’s been working on down today.

The incident occurred after one of Kevin Andrews’ young chippies turned up to site at 6:04am, a whole 4 minutes after his workday was supposed to start.

Despite the fact the young fella Simmo, has turned up at least 5 minutes early for the last 19 working days in a row, including a couple of very dusty Saturday mornings, Andrews was quick to rip into him.

“What time do ya call this mate haha,” he laughed, glancing across at the other blokes on-site to get a bit of a chain reaction happening.

The 56-year-old Betoota Heights resident continued laughing at the joke he’s said upwards of his hourly rate in the last year or so.

“Haha nah your all good mate, I’m just taking the piss,” he said a short time later after getting little feedback from the other boys, given the time of morning and calibre of chat.

Speaking to us a short time after hearing the height of comedy, the young carpenter told us he actually wasn’t offended.

“I actually don’t give a shit to be honest. I’m happy to humour him. It’s a bit like generic rugby league chat, it’s silly as fuck but it’s kinda funny,” Simmo said.

“I’ve gotta leave at 2:30 today too, so I’m paying $1.10 for him to drop the old ‘working half days now aye ha ha ha ha'”


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