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The Great Barrier Reef Foundation (GBRF) has revealed today what they plan to do with the $444 million dollar grant they have been given.

Anna Marsden, the Managing Director of the GBRF, an organisation shadow directed by mining companies, sat down with The Betoota Advocate for an exclusive interview.

After receiving the largest ever non-profit grant in the nation’s history, the 6 employee strong organisation has grand plans.

Despite being slammed from all sides, including by Michael Myer, a member of the Myer Dynasty who was a financial donor and board member until he quit because of the corporate agenda the organisation was driving, the GBRF says that the funding will be well spent.

“Look, I understand some people might be confused about a shady organisation getting the better part of half a billion dollars in funding when the CSIRO is being punished to death by a thousand cuts,” Marsden said.

“But, we have a great initiative that I am really pleased to announce. We will be hiring a handful of divers to go and paint all of the dead coral that has been bleached!”

“How goods that hey? We are working with a couple of scientists to develop an underwater paint that can last up to 20 years a coat, so future generations won’t miss out,” she said.

The Advocate contacted Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull about the grant, and he explained that he has been given assurances that the money won’t be going to waste.

“Yes $444 is over half of the CSIRO’s annual funding of roughly 800 million. But I met with the GBRF and their 6 part-time employees who are so generously donating their time between boardroom meetings for at the Adani offices in Eagle street”

“I believe they will be able to achieve so much more than the 5,500 people working at our country’s flagship science organisation.”

“So put that in your newspaper,” he said.

More to come.



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