Some of the brightest minds in Australian fashion have today made a bold play at capturing a swathe of market share.

The people in charge of the things at Gazman have made a splash in the business world, by publicly listing their company on the stock market.

The interesting and ambitious move has been made even more sensational after it was revealed that it has been inspired by a Mexican burrito chain.

One of Australia’s premier desk jockey outfitters says it’s hoping to cash in off the back of the success that Guzman y Gomez had yesterday.

The popular burrito joint with a couple of meme looking characters on the logo made a splash yesterday after their share price exploded on the first day of its listing.

Traded under the title of GYG, the shares finished yesterday at $30, up 36.4% from their $22 issue price.

The $335.1m float – upsized from an initial public offering of $242.5m – is the ASX’s biggest in three years, with the bumper injection of cash giving the 210-restaurant chain a market capitalisation of more than $3bn.

However, that record may be short lived after the people behind middle of the range business shirts and quarter sip knits have revealed they are dipping their toes in the water.

“Yeah, we are just gonna list our shares at 30 bucks and see what happens,” laughed the Chief Financial Officer of Gazman.

“Hopefully a few dipshits trying to cash in on the hype just lap it up, and I’m off to Panama with my bank account.”

“Pretty genius play if you ask me.”


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