A former goal shooter has been caught off guard this morning, after a routine bus ride into the city has resulted in some serious ligament discomfort.

After boarding a crowded X737 bus from Betoota Heights into the financial district, it’s understood former representative netball Courtney Winders has sustained some mild injuries after being forced to stand on the rotating plate connecting the large bendy bus.

Attempting to balance her 6ft frame across the moving platform, whilst maintaining grip of her work bag and gym satchel, it’s believed Courtney’s trip into the city has greatly tested her medial knee stability.

“Eeeeehhshh, you fucker”, winced Courtney, as the bus began to swivel around a sharp corner.

“God surely there’s a seat somewhere” she whispered underneath her breath.

A former representative netballer, who played three professional seasons for the now defunct Betoota Cyclones, Courtney admitted to our reporter that this wasn’t the first time her past life on the court had come back to haunt her.

“I’ve done my ACL on both and a third grade MCL strain on my right knee, that’s my bad one…”

“I pretty much have to stick to running in a straight line and weights these days, there’s no way these legs of mine can move laterally.”

“As for a ski trip, lol forget it, the only way my body is getting on the snow is if I’m getting pulled along by 12 huskies in Alaska, and I ain’t planning a trip there anytime soon.”

No stranger to the floor of a physiotherapists rehab centre, Courtney sighed as she pulled out some arnica cream from her handbag and gave her knee a generous rub of anti-inflammatory  cream.

“Hmmppff, I won’t even bother to book in a physio session after this one, I reckon I’ll just walk it off.”

More to come.


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