A potential new era has begun in the life of graffiti artist/graffer Creagan Scott (tag name ‘battering ham’) as he swallowed his pride and took a job painting a family friendly mural for his local council.

After identifying an abundance of graffiti on the sides of public buildings in parks such as Betoota’s historic Boer War Memorial Park, Betoota City Council decided to fight fire with fire and commission local street artists to paint murals too good to deface.

“What we learnt is that it’s considered poor form to paint over another person’s mural, or piece in artist terms,” stated Betoota councilor Artie McTimms. 

“No more questions, it’s my RDO. Seriously, get out.” 

Putting the feelers out to any local street artists with an Instagram profile, Scott took up the offer to paint the rear of the bathroom block with anything he wanted as long as it wasn’t violent, rude, profane and even remotely abstract.

After agreeing on a family friendly design and payment of $147.50, plus a tag on the council’s social media accounts, Scott began painting the soul destroying mural as his friends and 15-year-old self silently branded him a sellout.

“The skaters are going to be drawing dicks on this before the paint is dry,” stated Scott who used to do the exact same thing.

“Fuck, I might pop a few on here before I’m done.”


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