A South Betoota Polytechnic Student has been heaped with praise for a historic achievement this week.

Sitting down for a beer with some classmates to kick the year off in the style, the first-year Law student managed to get 3 whole sips into his Betoota Bitter, before bringing up his ATAR.

The Sydney schooled Waverley Mosman (19), who moved up to our prestigious university a couple of weeks ago pulled the feat off last night after the conclusion of his first Foundations of Law class.

After joining the group he was allocated to for a couple of ‘brewskis’ down at The Vibe (the Polytechnic’s main bar), young Mosman eagerly awaited an opportunity to bring up the Year 12 finishing mark that gives his life a fair chunk of his validation.

Holding off for all of a quarter of his beer, the young man finally found the perfect gap in conversation before asking the rest of the group what finishing score they got.

“Haha, yeah I actually bombed man, only got like 98.95,” he laughs after a couple of eager law student responses.

“I didn’t really study that much though, like, partied way too hard in Year 12,” he continues lying through his teeth the approval of his classmates who all try to chime in with similar shit.

“Kind of feel the same way about this course,” he laughs to the rest of the group who all did the introductory readings and bought the textbooks before class one of some vague legal subject.

“Gonna be pretty loose this year,” he concludes before moving the conversation onto the Law Society’s opening semester event.

“Can’t wait.”


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