One of the nation’s greatest economic minds has today offered his opinion on the biggest news story of the day.

Betoota Grove’s Alexander Silver-Spoon has revealed that today’s minimum wage increase is one of the stupidest decisions he’s ever seen.

“It really is,” laughed the young finance pig.

The comments from the old Whootonian (Betoota’s $35,000 a year private school) come after the Fair Work Commission agreed to a 5.1% increase to the minimum wage, putting an extra 40 bucks in people’s pocket each week.

The move will raise the minimum hourly rate from $20.33 to $21.38, a decision that could bring society to its knees according to Silver-Spoon.

“It’s just reckless, in every sense,” said Silver-Spoon, a man who pulls out a minimum of 300 bucks in cash every weekend.

“And if you don’t think it is, then you clearly don’t get how the economy works,” chortled the son of an investment banker, who regurgitates all of his dad’s lectures on a weekly basis.

“All raising the minimum wage does is just fuel inflation and burden employers”

“If all these people are complaining about their hip pockets, then maybe they need to consider being a little bit more frugal,” said the man who lived at home while saving for a house his parents went guarantor on, takes holidays on his dad’s card, and drives a car that his dad got as a tax write off.

“I actually can’t believe how reckless this decision is,” he sighed.

“The economy is built for people like me, not for people who work on minimum wage, and the Fair Work Commission would do well to remember that.”


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