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A local Betoota woman who doesn’t like her job, is having a pretty textbook falling out with a few of her girlfriends, and is still reeling from a bit of a messy break up, has decided that all of her woes come down to the fact that she has too many toxic people in her life.

Christina Moffat (24) says she’s unlike anyone else she knows, in that she allows selfish people to be around her, and like, take but not give.

“I’m just, you know, pretty tired of doing so much for everyone else” she says to her loyal but probably third-tier best friend, Sasha.

“It’s like, I give dedicate so much energy to looking after people like Jason and Gab, and Katie… and like they don’t give anything back”

While many of her friends and family think Christina’s current quarter-life crisis could arguably be a result of boredom, while she sits in an office cubicle in a job she just sort of landed in, with the added salt of seeing Instagram stories all of her friends on holidays in sunny destinations – that’s not the narrative she’s decided to run with.

“Jason is like already seeing other people. It’s so typical of him to do that. He’s a bit toxic”

“Katie and Gab are the same, they basically met through me and now they are in Europe on holidays together”

“I just don’t need toxic people like that in my life”


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