Hovering next to the dryer, local bloke Sean Cooper has a split second to make a decision.

Be an adult and unload his washing, which means he’d no doubt have to put it away, or cherry-pick a dry pair of undies and leave it for another day.

And though the answer should be obvious, Sean considers himself a busy man and he just doesn’t have time to put away his undergarments. Nor can he just haphazardly throw them on his bed, as he’d no doubt incur the wrath from the missus.

If he gambles and leaves the clothes inside the dryer, there’s a chance his wife won’t even notice unless she decides to put on a load of washing – which Sean considers a probability of roughly 50%, given she’s low on undies.

Reaching blindly into the dryer until he finds something that feels like underwear, Sean figures he can simply feign ignorance and say he forgot, citing something along the lines of being ‘too flat strapped’ to notice his leftover load.

More to come.


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