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A category 2 cyclone has finally forced the hands of dad’s across the South East Corner today.

As Cyclone Oma making its way closer to the coast, meteorologists have issued a severe warning from Bundaberg to Ballina, including Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast.

With a weekend of wild weather and strong winds expected, patriarch’s around along the coast have been furiously cursing the weather system this afternoon.

It’s believed that every single dad in the region is currently up on the roof, or has been up on the roof trying to screw down that piece of tin or fix the gutters that haven’t been cleaned since 2013.

While some bits of tin were in need of urgent attention, the Cyclone has provided plenty of other dad’s with a chance to get the tools out and make a bit of noise this afternoon.

We spoke to one Sunnybank father named Darren Webke this afternoon as he attempted to fix a bit of flappy tin that had been causing him grief for a few years.

Holding a screw in his mouth rather than his pocket for some reason, the 62 -year-old accountant spoke to us about why he took the afternoon off work to get his place ready for the storm.

“This bit of fuckin tin will get ripped clean off if it’s not properly secured,” shouted an overly excited Webke moments ago.

“I asked my son to help me over Christmas cause I knew it would be a fuckin problem but of course he was too busy or couldn’t be bothered and we didn’t get round to it.”

“And now this bit of Ozito shit isn’t working properly. They don’t make tools properly anymore. They’re all shit now.”

“Jesus, anyway, I’ve gotta finish this and then do the gutters that I haven’t cleaned since 2013. Either give us a hand or let me be please.”

We then left.

More to come.


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