A local sharehouse is currently at panic stations this afternoon after a spider was spotted by two of its residents in the living room.

The 4 bedroom sharehouse in Betoota’s French Quarter is currently being held hostage by a moderately sized huntsman spider.

Spotted a few minutes ago by two of the residents, the Huntsman has caused emergency response crews to be called out to the scene.

One of the residents named Caitlin spoke to us over the phone moments ago, explaining that appropriate phone calls had been made within seconds of sighting the harmless spider.

“We’ve run out of things to throw at it [the spider], so we just have to hold tight until someone turns up soon. We threw the remote as well so we are stuck on the fucking Chase” Caitlin said over the phone.

“We’ve called our housemate Toby, and Grace [the other housemate] called her boyfriend to come and kill it.”

“They said they couldn’t come until after work? Could you come over maybe and kill it?”

We informed the stranded young women that we wouldn’t be able to make it, unfortunately.

Caitlin then told us that she was fully aware that Huntsmen were not poisonous, but they were ‘still fucked.’

“If it was a Funnel Web or a Redback no problems at all. I’d just whack it and kill it,” she said.

“But Hunstmen are fucked.”

“Anyway if you can’t help I need to call someone else,” she said before the line went dead.

More to come.





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