Billionaire Elon Musk has today revealed plans to combat that new tech platform going after his new tech platform.

The ‘eccentric’ billionaire has confirmed he’s made a 2 billion dollar bid to purchase the new Threads app.

Confusing the fuck out of every single person who has downloaded it, the Threads app has caused a serious stir over the last 24 hours.

Millions have already downloaded the platform with was designed to rival Twitter by Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta company.

While Musk’s lawyers have issued legal claims regarding the similarities of the interface and tech of the platform to Twitter, the idol for MRA nerds has launched a 2 billion dollar bid to get rid of this new problem.

Known for his erratic behaviour in regards to the platform he bought recently, Musk has simply tried to buy the Threads app off Meta.

“2 Billion Dollars. Give it to me now,” Musk reportedly said in a statement.

Meta have yet to respond to the offer, with experts predicting Mark Zuckerberg (the man who looks like he was designed by AI) will likely decline given it doesn’t fit in with his plans of global domination.

It’s unknown what Musk would do with Threads should his purchase be successful, but speculators have claimed he will probably make a flurry of unsuccessful changes and migrate a bunch of porn and racist bots across from his Twitter platform.

More to come.


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