With over half of Australia spending at least 42% of the year in lockdown, many of us do not have to look far to see the effects of the economic woes dealt nationwide in 2021.

It can be seen most clearly however in the NSW coastal town of Port Entrance who received so few blow ins in 2021 that locals have actually taken to being kind to tourists for a change.

Once a counter-culture outcrop far from the eyes of city policing, Port Entrance began attracting tourists back in the ‘80s when hinterland dwelling locals began growing good bud and smuggling cocaine was as easy as sailing in a boat.

40 years, five highrises and thousands of Airbnbs later and Port Entrance locals no longer felt the need to coddle the sensitivities of blow ins who can’t believe it’s $30 for a pair of thongs at the cheapy shop.

But that was all before the severed crab claw that is still pinching your finger that was 2021, which dealt such a huge blow to the town’s GDP that they are making sure the next busload of filthy blow-ins feel appreciated and included.

“There’s a $10 minimum but actually don’t worry about it, just tap on the side here!” practiced cafe owner Lesley German.

“Usually I’d make them go to the one ATM that’s in the basement of the roughest pub in town but after this year I’ll take what I can get!”

In the town’s beaches it has also been reported that local surfers have insisted blow-ins take the good waves, even those which are bodyboarding outside the flags.

“Just gonna leave this note on their windscreen,” said one surfer.


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