As he lay on his death bed in a monstrous Eastern Suburbs mansion, waves of admirers and family members paid their last visit to arguably one of Australia’s most courageous thought-makers of the last century, Bob Shenson.

A writer, an artist, a public servant. Shenson is responsible for some of the few relatively emotive speeches delivered by a member of the Labor Party in recent history. It’s because he had a magical way with words and was such God damn amazing mind.

In fact, so popular was this un-athletic bohemian social commentator, that even some the small L members of the Liberal Party list him as one of their favourite 20th century writers and artists.

While it is acknowledged that he may have been a horrible father at times, and a horrible husband most of the time, Shenson will be remembered for his contribution to the the Australian psyche. For the fodder he fed to the open minds of wealthy white people who were still a bit too conservative for Germaine Greer.

However, for Shenson, it wasn’t always writing residencies in Tuscany and dinners with Premiers and Prime Ministers. He also moved in dark circles.

Shenson used to put his keys in a few bowls and do unclassified narcotics with the bohemian Sydneysiders. He used to live on the fringes.

This appeared more obvious than ever when a spate of allegations from former child victims were directed towards the iconic leftie troubador, and inevitably not reported on by his friends and admirers who work at the ABC and Fairfax.

In fact, Shenson, and several of his similarly pedophilic mates were quite lucky to avoid being named in the final report from the almost five-year royal commission into child sexual abuse – which was officially handed to the Governor-General on the 18th of December last year – just before the allegations came to liht

The document is tens of thousands of pages long, and contains a total of 409 recommendations which aim to make institutions safer for children, but doesn’t really include tips on how to provide safety for the children of bourgeoise art groupies who are preyed upon by friends of their parents in their own homes.

The fifteen year process of organising the means for this report to exist seems to have effectively overlooked a rather prominent institution, the Sydney Eastern Suburbs Intelligentsia and their more iconic creative minds – more specifically, ALP speech writers, artists and the generically kooky beret-wearing Spectrum magazine regulars.

Unluckily for the victims, Shenson and his dead old comrades are far too well-liked by both the media and political elite to be remembered for the quite serious sex crimes they all perpetrated against children.

“I dunno If I believe it” says one elite Glebe-based atheist academic, Char Donèt (55).

“Bit unfair he can’t really defend himself. Who knows what the intentions are of the people saying these things are”

At time of his death, the only media personalities willing to address the accusations against Shenson were Murdoch columnists who took the allegations as an opportunity to say ‘the silence from the left is deafening’ when it comes to non-Cardinal Pell-related sex crimes.


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