In a rapidly developing story, Peter Dutton has just scaled the roof of the Christmas Island Detention Centre and is refusing to come down.

The human rights activist from Queensland who was recently taken to Christmas Island after being diagnosed with COVID-19 reportedly climbed onto the roof a short time ago armed with a hammer.

Despite holding the role as Home Affairs Minister responsible for Australia’s sustained and blatant abuses of the United Nation’s Human Right’s Convention which experts say amount to torture, Peter Dutton has this week been active in leading the charge against himself.

“No one should be treated like this,” he reportedly yelled from the small island where he is being quarantined.

“I’m a financially well off caucasian Australian male, how can I be subjected to these living conditions,” he yelled down at the highly paid guards who are part of the company Dutton helped to get the dodgy contract to run the centre.

After reportedly being threatened, Dutton then threw the hammer he found somewhere down at a guard.

“Fuck you you fucking pigs,” he yelled.

“You oppressive totalitarian pigs. You should be ashamed of the way you are treating human beings. I don’t know how you sleep at night,” he continued.

“I don’t know how you can look at your kids as the perpetrators of state-sanctioned torture,” yelled the angry former cop.

“The world needs to know about what’s happening on here and it needs to stop.”

“We should be better than this.”

At the time of press, Peter Dutton was reportedly yelling some Antifa ideology down at the guards and claiming he could last all week up here.

More to come.


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