As the nation continues to grapple with government incompetence once again, the man in charge of things has today issued an eyebrow-raising claim.

With RATS nearly impossible to get, and PCR lines consuming endless hours for sick citizens, Soctty from Marketing has today sought to prolong the distraction that is Novak Djokovic’s visa situation for as long as possible.

Fronting the cameras, the man who wanted to be the Prime Minister more than anything in the world has deflected any questions about accountability by revealing that the Serbian tennis star has just been spotted throwing children out of his quarantine balcony.

“It’s disgraceful behaviour,” explained Scotty a short time ago.

“I express my anger at the behaviour of Novak and I repeat it. I can’t comprehend how he would throw children overboard,” said Morrison, seemingly copying John Howard’s infamous political ploy to the letter.

John Howard famously, and deceitfully claimed that refugees were throwing their children into the ocean to obtain sea rescue from Australia.

The move was lapped up by the Australian media and people, who voted in the previously lagging Howard.

Following on from the children overboard affair, it’s believed Morrison is hoping that he can run the same play back and win the upcoming election.

“We need strong borders, and we need to protect our borders. And I don’t believe people like Novak should be allowed into this country,” said Morrison.

The political grandstanding in the middle of a devastating health crisis with an election around the corner then continued with Morrison maintaining claims that Novak would be turned away.

“Don’t worry about how you are going to get through this period of time, get outraged about the man my staffers have told me people hate”

“Focus on that, until I find the next dead cat to throw on the table.”

More to come.


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