Haha.. So Mexico has been kinda fun.

For those who don’t read much of my stuff, yeah, I’ve currently spent the last few weeks doing Mexico. Bit of backpacking, bitta hostel living, bitta glamping.

But yeah, still get a couple hours to sit down with the laptop from time to time, and yeah, these guys are still paying me. So yeah, can’t believe they let me write this, but one thing I’ve noticed over here is that men are the same wherever you go around the world.

In fact, I’ve found in Mexico, sometimes they are worse. I’m not sure what it is, I guess it kind of comes down to a poorer standard of living where patriarchal gaffes thrive. Can’t really put my finger on it, but the Catholicism can’t be helping LOL.

Anyway, one thing that I see, everywhere I go, anywhere in the world, is the gender aggressions that filter down through every day mannerisms. Right down to sitting.

Man-spreading, which we thought was kind of not really a thing anymore, is apparently still very much a thing in impoverished regions of central America.

Manspreading or man-sitting or ballrooming is the practice of men sitting in pin view of others with legs wide apart, thereby asserting a kind of intimidating dominance over less-alpha men in the room, and females.

And let me tell you, it’s fucking everywhere over here.

This comes after viral video footage comes to light of a Law student in Russia embarking on a one-woman crusade to stop “manspreading” — by pouring bleach on to the offenders’ crotches.

Anna Dovgalyuk, 20, has accused men in her native Russia of “gender aggression” and says her country is not doing enough the tackle the problem. The video has since been revealed as a fake. But, you know what, I kind of wish it wasn’t.

Maybe some men do need to have their private parts mutilated to figure out that their microaggressions are actually making some people, not just women (me included), feel fucking sick.

But yeah, one thing I’ve notice is that there are a lot of white people over here, who comes to Mexico to just kind of use it as a playground. And while man-spreading has kind of been filtered out of professional environments in developed nations, I see so many of these guys just plopping themselves on beach chairs and getting their spread on.

I could put it down to a ‘when in Rome’ kind of thing. But like, the actual locals here are pretty problematic they way the stoically promote toxic masculinity, so anyone coming from an actually good country would be able to see that it’s probably not a very good idea just mirroring their behaviour.

It shouldn’t matter how much you’ve had to drink, it should matter that you don’t wanna get sand on your feet. The fucking bottom line is that man-spreading, anywhere, is unnacceptable.

And yeah, people are watching.

And yeah, sometimes they’ll shame you by taking a photo.

Like I did.

About the writer: Jamie is a heteronormative white male millennial who went through a gay phase in university but ultimately decided he prefers having sex with women. He lists himself on twitter as a thoughtmaker and journalist, despite only getting published in online publications like this one when we are running low on sponsored content.

Jamies credits his love of dissecting the news, and using political correctness to crucify any writer/actor/comic that is doing better than him, to a gap year spent building poorly designed mud huts in a third world country with a school-counsellor-suggested charity that has since been shut down due to revelations that 90% of donations were spent on useless cunts like him.

With a relatively big twitter following and an elite education at both an inner-city selective school and a demountable arts department in a prominent Sandstone University, Jamies relishes in the fact that at 23, he is much more engaged with problematic societal trends that he never looked twice at a couple years ago when he was still going to NRL matches with his dad.

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