A Flight Path District father of three has once again been left confused by this younger generation.

Berrick Burns (56) from our town’s rapidly gentrifying former working class enclave explained to The Advocate that things just move too fast for him nowadays.

“Mate, I’ve never really understood fashion,” he sighed to our reporter at the front bar of the Flight Path Exchange hotel this afternoon.

“And I think I somehow understand it even less now.”

His comments come after his fashionista daughter Lauren turned up to his house last night wearing what he thought was supposed to be a cringe look.

“I’ve spent the last decade and a half being told that I’m a dag because I pull my socks up and wear joggers to everything except a wedding or a funeral,” sighed Berrick.

“And now my daughters are wearing the white new balances with pulled up white socks?”

“And they’ve pulled them up over their tights?”

“I can’t wrap my head around it to be honest.”

The consternation comes after the winter chill has seen Lauren and her sister indulge in the socks over the leggings trend.

Despite spending the better part of her life rocking the ankle socks or those weird sockette things, Lauren now says she’s embracing the PE teacher look.


“Poor dad”

“He can’t win,” laughed Lauren.

“Me and Izzy gave him so much shit over the years for being a dag.”

“And now we’ve stolen his look.”

“I’m not gonna tell him how much I paid for those New Balances though.”

“He’d have a kitten I reckon.”


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