A zippy halfback is about to be snapped in half this afternoon, unaware he’s on the hit list of a raging Prop Forward looking to enact a healthy dose of vengeance.

Skipping out onto Glen Willow Sporting Complex, young Mudgee Dragons halfback Kieran Deardon appears to be oblivious to the fact that his 80 minutes on the park may be short-lived, due to an incoming shoulder charge from an opposition forward.

The Advocate understands Cowra Magpies Prop, Jordan Nelson-Flegler, has identified today’s game as an easy opportunity to gain some retribution, as he hopes to square the ledger against the Mudgee halfback who gave him Covid at the February races.

“Yeah that’s the bloke, right there in the seven jumper!”

“My mates know his mates, we shared a few tins trackside at the Mudgee Races.”

“He even gave me a couple of tips, of course little did I know he was sharing a little bit more than the Race 4 favourite and was passing on the spicy cough in the process!”

Asked if he was willing to risk a sin-bin in today’s game, Flegler told The Advocate that he planned on dishing out some tough, but legal contact, and promised that no bones would be broken in the process.

“Nah I won’t go that hard on him, I’m not out there to hospitalise the bloke.”

“But let’s just say there might be some extra chilli in my shots today, after I got the cough I had to spend two days on the couch with an ache so I think it’s only fair to return the favour!”

After receiving the ball deep off the kick-off, at the time of writing Flegler was seen charging off the back fence directly into the frightened eyes of young Foran.

After steamrolling the 72kg halfback and continuing on with several post contact metres, Flegler was seen chirping back some playful banter in the face of the dazed halfback.

“Kick it to me again mate, I’m going to be running it at you all day!”


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