COVID-19 has finally made it’s way to the Steel City this week, and appears to have had quite a night out.

NSW health authorities say that the severe acute respiratory syndrome, which is known for infect over 18.7 million people worldwide, really hit the tiles over the weekend – putting in an effort that would rival Joey Johns on a post-premiership bender.

Newcastle is on high alert after COVID-19 visited at least five hotels and a stadium, as 12 new infections were revealed in NSW today.

Of the day’s new cases, eight were locally acquired and linked to known clusters, NSW Health confirmed

Health authorities also urged anyone who visited the Wests Leagues Club in New Lambton — one of the biggest clubs in Newcastle — on Sunday evening to self-isolate and seek testing.

On a relatively positive note, at this point in time, the virus only appears to have an Andrew Johns-sized night out in Newcastle.

However, contact tracers are concerned that if not monitored, this outbreak could turn step up a notch and become a Both-Johns-Brothers-sized night out in Newcastle.

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard says worst case scenario is that COVID-19 spreads across Newy like ‘all three Johns boys”.

“The last thing we want is for this outbreak to descend into full blown Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll”.

“Matty, Andrew and Daniel”


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