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Reports of a situation are coming out of a Betoota Sounds home this morning after a bride-to-be is only just now realising the full effect social distancing rules will have on her wedding.

Prior to this morning’s revelation, Bettina Calzone thought she could deal with only having 20 guest, but after realising there might only be a few people contributing to her wishing well she completely changed her tune.

“What the actual fuck? 20 guests? Is that a joke?”

“Babe, you know that means that $100 per person we were counting on doesn’t exist anymore?”

“Well it does, but instead of it being for 200 people it’s now potentially 20”

“How the hell am I supposed to buy anything without that money?”

Bettina’s fiancé, Brett, sees things from a slightly more rational point of view and suggested the couple just save their own money.

“Well, hun, saving our own money is always an option? We shouldn’t go through life counting on hand-outs from other people” said Brett.

“What? Save our own money? I haven’t saved money since kindergarten with my Dolomites account” replied a shocked Bettina.

“Well babe maybe it’s time we read the Barefoot Investor? I hear he’s got this bucket system that helps people save” Suggested Brett.

Unable to put up with Brett’s rational and sensible suggestions any longer, Bettina spat the dummy and left the room in a huff. “Whatever Brett, just get out of my face I can’t deal with you right now. I’m watching all the stuff I wanted to buy be snatched away from me.”

More to come.


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