The people in charge of running the country have today reiterated that they are focused on the big stuff.

The federal government of Australia have done so by spending the second day in a row talking about their decision to boot a young woman from their party because of some rule that was created 120 years ago.

That focus on WA Senator Fatima Payman comes after she threatened to cross the floor again on the issue of recognising Palestinian Statehood.

That move has seen her suspended indefinitely from the Labor Party caucus because of a rule made over a century ago, which stipulated that all the blokes should vote the same way on the same thing.

However, rather than having a conversation about whether it’s okay for elected officials in a representative democracy to represent the communities they come from, the ALP is just zeroing in on making Fatima aware of just how much she ‘stands out from the united party.’

While millions slip closer to the 3.3 million Australians that already live below the poverty line in our resource blessed country, Anthony Albanese and his party says they are maintaining their focus on the most pressing issue – getting Fatima Payman to toe the line.

“I think we’ve proven that we aren’t really that keen on fixing the housing crisis,” laughed Albanese, who didn’t say a peep about the news yesterday that Capital Gains Tax concessions and negative gearing are going to cost the budget 160 billion dollars over the next 10 years.

“And that burning coal mine and the looming gas crisis resulting from our inability to pull the trigger on the mechanism stopping giant companies selling all of our gas overseas to the highest bidder is um, pretty grim in this whole cost of living crisis you know.”

“No one wants to think about that haha.”

“And don’t get me started on the Reserve Bank doing the only thing in its power to control the magic inflation numbers that most experts say are driven by corporate price gouging and international market pressure, because we are wiping our hands of it.”

“The biggest issue right now is making Fatima aware that no one is bigger than the party run by blokes who look like me.”

“I mean I completely forgot my passion for the cause of the Palestinian people, why can’t she?”

More to come.


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