The nation’s second-biggest supermarket cartel has today hit the airwaves with a fresh new ad campaign.

Set amidst soaring cost of living pressures, Coles has called upon their old faithful Curtis Stone to reinvigorate dinner time around the nation.

Cashing in on ‘global and local pressures’ the supermarket has re-hashed its famous ‘Feed The Family For Under $10’ Campaign.

First hitting the airwaves a few years ago when you could get a few seasonal veggies and some mince or chicken for a half decent price, the new campaign looks to navigate the challenges consumers are facing in 2022.

The first piece to air features Curtis showing off a cool new recipe that feature’s a packet of the cheapest most processed sausages money can buy, a single carrot, and a single red (the cheapest variety) capsicum.

“All that for under 10 bucks! You can feed the whole family,” says Curtis, who doesn’t really go into how you turn those three elements into a meal, and how it feeds a family of larger than two people.

While some have thanked Coles for acknowledging the cost of living pressures, others have pointed out that it looks like a dinner for a second-year apprentice who lives in a share house (minus the loaf of bread and sauce).

It’s believed the next installments of the campaign will feature things like the popular Mi Goreng Noodle, Rice and Soy, and Pasta.

More to come.


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