The NSW Roads and Maritime Service has issued an emergency warning this morning, urging all holidaymakers hoping to get somewhere to travel with patience.

As the post Christmas holidays kick off and motorists start making their way to visit family, friends or just get the hell out of their usual surroundings, the RMS says major sections of the Pacific Highway are already clogged up, thanks to the Nation’s cockies who have started their yearly migration from the bush to the sea for a well earned break.

“It’s mayhem already, we’re hearing as many as 10,000 LandCruisers have been spotted on the Pacific and that’s just the first convoy,” said Dennis Woodridge, a spokesperson from the RMS.

“If you looked at our highway cameras right now most sections of the road look like a Toyota Dealership, lots of white Sahara ZX models not moving an inch.”

“The Kempsey to Coffs Harbour stretch doesn’t look like it’s shuffled for more than two hours, those Cockies will be busting to stop into the Big Banana for a piss and look around.”

With farmers travelling north from Scone, east from Glenn Innes and south from Kyogle, the RMS said the current backlog on the Pacific Highway appears to be spilling over into neighbouring towns, which have already started to cash in on the convoy of LandCruisers stopping through in search for a bakery fit to feed their snotty, little farm children.

“We’re hearing reports of one farmer stopping through the Grafton Bakehouse and buying out all of their Vanilla Slices and Sausage Rolls, he had an army to feed and wasn’t going to let his little Isabella, Arabella, Hugo, Angus and Harry go hungry,” the RMS told The Advocate.

“But I suppose the baker was loving it, it’s a healthy time of year to be in the flour business.”

More to come.


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