It’s been a rough afternoon for outgoing parliamentarian George Christensen, after the outspoken Nationals Senator was ordered to pack up his things and head to the airport.

The prominent anti-vaxxer has reportedly been escorted out of the country by Home Affairs, as the government continues its war on public health threats.

At the time of press, Christensen is back in his home electorate in the Filipino capital of Manila, where he normally spends the majority of the calendar year.

The surprising move comes as Prime Minister Morrison commits to his crusade against anti-vaxxers, by deporting more than just a high-profile tennis player who is on the nose with the majority of the population.

The strong decision follows the deportation of Novak Djokovic, as our health-conscious government seeks to protect the nation.

So despite having well over half a million active cases around the country, dire food and labour shortages, the government is focusing on the big issues – by kicking out high-profile anti-vaxxers.

“I’m not just using Novak as a scapegoat, I’m serious about stopping people from spreading dangerous messages that threaten everyday Australians,” explained Prime Minister Morrison today.

“So, I’m kicking out a member of my government who has spent the last two years undermining health experts and people trying to keep the population safe.”

“Two years of sitting back and letting him get away with spreading misinformation is enough.”

“George is in Manilla as we speak,” finished the man who has actually followed through on a promise for the first time in recent memory.

Morrison then refused to answer questions about whether Immigration Minister Alex Hawke would continue to use his ministerial discretion on things like freeing the Biloela family from detention.

More to come.


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