In some exciting news for fans of reality TV and politics, the nation is set to experience the ultimate crossover in the coming weeks.

Commerical TV royalty Sonia Kruger is set to step into the political ring and moderate the argument between Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese.

With plenty of back and forth from the major parties about when and where the debates between the two leaders would be held in the lead-up to the election, the details for the final showdown have been revealed.

The third and final election debate between Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese will air on Channel Seven next Wednesday – but not until after Big Brother which is scheduled to end at 9.10 pm.

Of course, nothing can move the pinnacle of viewing in this country, and with the talent of Sonia Kruger on hand at the network, it’s believed she was a captain’s pick to host the debate instead of some boring nerdy journo.

The television network had reportedly floated the idea of Morrison and Albanese actually being intruders during the launch week of the flagship reality show, but those plans were hosed down by the politician’s staffers.

However, given the power of media moguls over our politicians, the Kerry Stokes-owned network has told the two leaders that Sonia Kruger will moderate the debate, and that’s that.

Given both leaders’ pretty underwhelming performances so far, some are hoping that Kruger can actually liven up the final debate.

The head-to-head tussle on Channel 7, will follow the second debate on the Peter Costello (former Liberal Treasurer) run Channel 9 network, and the first debate on the Rupert Murdoch owned Sky News.

More to come.


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