A Betoota Grove teen has today had the fright of his life, when he tried to change the TV channel.

It’s alleged Peter Grisham [15] had wandered into the lounge room after growing bored of his computer, hoping to pass the next few hours by finding something to watch.

Spying his snoozing father passed out on the couch, Peter was sure there was no way his dad could be watching the 90s action movie flickering on the television, considering his deep snores hinted that he’d knocked back a few scotches.

But as he’d reached for the remote and quickly lowered the volume to avoid suspicion, the lack of car crash sounds caused his dad’s eyes to fly open, and for him to insist that he was in fact, paying attention.

“Why’d you change the channel for?”

“I was watching that.”

Confused as to how he’d been catatonic one second and ready to fight the next, Peter sheepishly handed over the remote and skulked back to his computer, watching as his dad fell asleep to the soothing sounds of screeching tyres.

More to come.


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